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When will I receive my script?


Unlike most panto companies our scripts are new every time, and not simply taken off a shelf, so they may arrive a little later than your used to. But we can assure you it will be worth the wait! 

Can you email me my script?


Unfortunately due to a marked increase in scripts being copied and plagiarised, we are unable to provide electronic copies of scripts. On no account should you share your script with any third party. They are protected by strict copyright. We ask that all scripts are returned to your company manager at the end of the production.




Which are my days off during rehearsal?


We cannot be specific about your days off (during rehearsals) until a more detailed rehearsal schedule is created by the Director nearer the time. We will update you with this information as soon as we are able to do so.


With such a short rehearsal process, allowing time off for auditions is incredibly difficult, and while we will endeavour to accommodate any unavoidable requests that come up, we cannot guarantee this, and it is solely at the discretion of the Director.




Can I share posts and thoughts about the pantomime on social media?


We fully encourage your interaction with the Little Wolf and Venue social media channels. However we ask that you remain professional and polite at all times.


As per your contract, we ask that you do not announce your participation in our pantomime on any social media channels until such time as either Little Wolf or the Venue have first made such an announcement.

Little Wolf Entertainment is dedicated to ensuring that everyone on our shows has safe working environment, and that includes online and social media platforms. 


Please make sure that you read through our SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY carefully, which contains much more information and guidance. 

Can I add members of the Junior Ensemble as friends on Facebook?


The kids in the show have been told not to request your friendship on social media, however we cannot guarantee that they won't. 


We ask that you do not accept any "friend requests" and avoid communicating with the Junior Ensemble online, except through the official Little Wolf or Venue channels, this is for your own safety as well as theirs.


Please make sure that you read through our SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY carefully, which contains much more information and guidance.




How and when should I invoice?


Before we can pay you, either you or your agent needs to send us an invoice. This should be one document with all payments listed separately, as per your contract. Please DO NOT send individual invoices for individual payments. 


To enable payment on the schedule set out in your contract, please make sure we receive your invoice at least 28 days before the first payment is due. Invoices without a payment schedule will be paid within 28 days of being received.

Where should I send my invoice?


All invoices should be sent to 


Invoices not sent to this email address may well experience delays in payment.




Junior Ensemble arrangements


At some point in the last few days of the run, we will be hold a get together for the junior ensemble. We ask that you all attend this, as it is a great chance for them to say goodbye and get your autographs.


As well as being a nice end to the run, we find this works well and avoids repeated demands for autographs and photographs at other times.




Derby and Solihull


For those people working on our Derby or Solihull productions, if you require assistance in finding Digs, do feel free to ask, and we can send you our current digs list. 



If you are working on our Loughborough production, we will be in touch to discuss Loughborough's unique set up.

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