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Dec 19, 2019
Solihull Observer

“filled with magical moments”

This year’s pantomime at The Core Theatre, Solihull is just filled with magical moments, crowd pleasing jokes and a feel good atmosphere…

Director Pete Meakin has done an excellent job at taking the original tale of Robin Hood, and making it the Core Theatre’s ‘own’, with assistance from the brilliant producers Little Wolf Entertainment. I went along with my niece Isabella who is 9 years old and she loved it too.

The opening scene was fantastic, and the show continued along exactly the same lines. The ‘Tale of Robin Hood’ is filled with great music, fantastic jokes (for both children and adults) and fantastic performances by every single character throughout.

Adam George Smith did a brilliant job with the lead role as Robin Hood. The beginning of the show was clever, as Robin Hood did not even put in an appearance in the early scenes, which did ramp up a lot of anticipation for this first scene.

Throughout the whole show, the audience young and old in the inbetweeners, were truly entertained - a traditional play with many modern twists. There was a good amount of interaction with the audience too, with nanny Nora selecting her love interest from members of the audience, by asking people to come onto the stage. She also delivered some fantastic jokes, with clever humour and plenty of tongue in cheek for the adults to enjoy too.

Another very funny character was Much the Millers son, played by Brett Sinclair, he really created a great atmosphere and added loads of fun to the show, which was delivered to the crowd brilliantly.

Every single performer was an amazing singer, and there was a mix of new chart music and old classic songs that everyone knew, and all peppered throughout the show - ranging from Taylor Swift ‘Me’ to The Specials ‘Much Too Young’, stretching to Marvin Gaye ‘Ain't No Mountain High Enough’.

Baddie ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ played by Steve Giles, was truly excellent too, and played the panto villain to perfection - largely down to his powerful stage voice. He interacted really well with the audience and definitely managed to spook a few children along the way.

Another member of the cast, who gave outstanding performances, came from Harry Clarke , who managed to play three different characters throughout the show, and did each of them perfectly!

Everyone in the play before their roles brilliantly. The unforgettable Fairy Fern played by Sophie Towns, narrated the play with rhymes, as well as playing a part in the play. Fairy Fern was a very comforting (and warming) character who helped solve situations throughout the performance; as well as the lovely Maid Marian played by Lydia Hall. Lady Marion played a huge part throughout the show, and came across as a really lovely, sweet and kind young lady, who had her ups and downs in the show , but all turns out fine in the end - as every fairy-tale panto should.

The performance of the whole was really fantastic, and everyone who participated in the show, both performing and creating, should be really proud of themselves. Music, dances, acting and costumes were all breath-taking. Some of the props in the scenes were unbelievable and The Core Theatre itself, is lovely too. It was my very first visit but I will definitely be visiting again.

The panto was a great experience from beginning to end and I'm sure the whole audience came out smiling after a really ‘feel good’ experience. I really have no hesitation in recommending this panto to everyone – but do book your seats as soon as you can because they're going to go like hotcakes as soon as word gets out about this amazing show. As you can see from this review both Isabella and I had a brilliant time at the core theatres panto ‘The Tale of Robin Hood’.

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