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As our collection of beautiful scenery and special effects grows, we have made some of our stock available to hire.


We can provide:

  • Scenery in a range of scales, for all the major pantomime titles.

  • Original and exciting special effects, to really increase the "wow factor" of your production.

  • Our ever-popular magical menagerie of wonderful creatures, guaranteed to leave your audience spell-bound.

  • A huge range of costumes, for all major titles, including some absolutely hilarious Dame outfits!

Our brand new warehouse is jam packed with amazing things - we can almost certainly help with whatever you're looking for, so get in touch today...

Extra Large Dragon

A stage filling monster, perfect for that wow moment! Matches out other dragons, so she can grow throughout the show.


Captain Hooks nemesis. Manually operated by two people from within, it is entirely free to roam the stage.

Flying Carriage

Our "breathtaking" clockwork horse and carriage. Hydraulic lift mechanism, cogs and wheels turn, wireless DMX internal LX, fully drivable (coachman) whilst being self contained (no trailing wires). Horse walks, then runs and her wings unfurl as she flies. "The transformation scene is breathtaking as a bronze Pegasus rises to circle slowly amid the stars."

Pantomime Cow

Daisy, Pat or whatever you call her, our panto cow will guarantee to wow your audience! "She's outstanding in her field!"

Large Dragon

At 3.5m tall, this fills the stage and creates a wonderful reaction! Can be both scary and impressive or lovable and sincere, depending on your puppeteer and lighting. One person operation. Practical arms and mouth. "very manoeuvrable and effective"

Cyclops Giant

Very manoeuvrable, versatile giant! One person operation from within. Practical mouth and eye. Club detachable. A very credible threat, without being too frightening.

Two Headed Giant

Very manoeuvrable, versatile giant! One person operates legs, arms and smaller head from inside. A second operator operates the radio controlled eyes and mouth from off stage. Club is detachable. A very credible threat, without being too frightening.

Small Dragon

Hand Puppet Dragon. A bit larger than the version in the egg - to see him start to grow.

Slosh Scenes

From Twankey's Messy Takeaway via Trott's Disastrous Dairy, to Nora's Calamitous Bell Tower, we've got the lot.

Puppet Mouse

Hand puppet with practical mouth and arm on stick. A perfect companion for Cinderella. Also has a matching UV version.


Whether they're growing out of collapsing toilets or collapsing gypsy caravans, we have a range of beanstalks: manual, climbable and also hydraulic.

Woodland Animals

Six beautiful full body animal skins. 3 rabbits, Grey Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Badger and Mouse. Sized to fit junior ensemble, but could fit smaller adults too.


Probably the best Beast in the Business! Comes with standard outfit, a "posher" change for dinner as well as a double for the opening transformation, and a quick change version for the finale. Our Beast transforms into a Prince in mid air... does yours?

Baby Dragon

Anamatronic Baby Dragon in an egg. Eyes, Wings and Head move automatically. Mouth is controlled independently by the actor holding. Matches other dragons, so you can see him grow.

UV Magic

We have a variety of UV scenes to suit most pantomime titles. Underwater Creatures: Inc. giant octopus tentacles to fight your hero. Storybook. Inc. magical appearance of a person, from the pages of a colouring book. Creepy Crawlies. Inc. Giant 25 foot wide Spider, fully operational, which can fight your hero. And lots more...

Nanna the Dog

Excellent Nanna full body outfit. Can work on two feet or on all fours.

Hen and Harp

Hen What Lays The Golden Eggs! Hand puppet hen with practical head and wings. Magical Golden Harp. Practical Head and Hands. (Radio-controlled from off stage). Even the smallest things can be magical and impressive!

Pantomime Car

A fun, colourful car with space for 4 people. Manually operated by stage crew hidden behind. Note: Single sided. Can only face Stage Right. "Very manoeuvrable on tri-castors"

Rowing Boat

Practical Rowing Boat. Manual "Flintstones" style operation. Simple but very effective.


Beautiful pantomime panda. Includes two bows, allowing her to change to gold for the walk down! Cuteness overload!

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Please note:

  • All our prices are subject to VAT.

  • Transport can also be arranged at cost if required. But many hirers prefer to arrange this themselves. It's up to you.​

  • Fees are per week. Please note that during peak pantomime season (November to early January) a minimum 4 week hire is chargable. 

  • Logistic charges may be due for some larger items and full set hires.​

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