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Creative Spaces

We now offer a range of production services, at our new workshop, conveniently situated on the north edge of Derby.

SPACES: Meetings | Administration | Rehearsals | Recitals | Readings | Band Practice | Photography

FACILITIES: Paintshop | Woodwork and Metal Shop | Costume and Props Workroom

STORAGE: Scenery | Props | Costumes | Vehicles | Containers

Little Wolf in Little Eaton

Our Aim

Independent Creative Freelancers and Small Artistic Businesses are so important to our industry - but maybe you need a bit more space, as you expand, or for a particular project... Little Wolf Workshops are the answer. 

Short and Medium term solutions to suit you and your business - a wide range of different spaces and facilities to allow you to think big and take the project that is too big for your garage or too messy for your front room.

Office Space

Bright, Clean, Modern spaces.

Communal or Private

Conferences and Meetings

Various size spaces available.

Excellent Wifi.

Rehearsal Space

Readings, Poetry Classes,

Band Practice, Photography.

Paintshop / Propshop (Messy Space)

Somewhere to let your creativity rule.

Wordwork and Metalwork

Fully equipped workshop spaces.

Hot works allowed.

Costume Workroom

A clean and bright space, with lots of room for cutting. Industrial machines available.

Scenery/Costume Storage

Let us help you save space.

Easy access. No fuss.

Vehicle Parking

Spaces for cars, vans, motorbikes or caravans.

Kept behind locked gates.

Container Storage

Spaces available for your container,

or you can rent ours.

We offer competitive rates.


Say hello, and let us know how we can help you get creative!

Our Hires and Production Services Clients

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